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Overseas Delivery Terms

Purchasers are liable for import duties and any other additional charges incurred from overseas shipping.

Tax, Cost

Products delivered to destinations outside the Republic of Korea may be subject to taxes, fees, customs duty, levies or other charges as a result of local legislation or customs formalities. The recipient of your order is responsible for all customs formalities for the import of the Products, and will be required to pay any additional charges for international delivery, including import duty, formal customs entry, taxes, levies and other charges that may be levied outside the Republic of Korea. The recipient of the Products, not the person placing the order, will typically receive a separate request for payment of these charges when the goods arrive in the country of destination. If you’re ordering Products to be delivered to someone else, please ensure they’re aware that they’ll be responsible for these additional charges. Please note that in some countries, such as the USA and Canada, the person ordering Products may receive a request for payment of these charges, in which case you will be responsible for paying these additional charges. Payment by you or the recipient (as applicable) must be received by the relevant customs authority before delivery of the Products will be made. Unfortunately we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be, so we are unable to offer any assistance on these processes. We advise that you check any customs formalities and the import charges applicable in any Non- Republic of Korea Country before ordering Products to be delivered there. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide you with information which we hold which relates to the Product or order which you may need in order to arrange customs clearance. You (or the recipient of the Products if different) will be the importer for all international deliveries of the Products. Therefore, before placing an order, it’s your responsibility to check that any Products ordered comply with country, state and/or federal government import regulations, and that there are no local requirements or restrictions which may affect receipt of your order. We may also request information from you in relation to customs formalities. You must respond to any request for information within 5 days of the request, or the order will be cancelled and the Products returned to our warehouse.

Delivery Policy

Delivery lead times to international addresses will vary according to destination but we will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that all Products will be delivered within 30 days from the conclusion of the contract with us. In the event that your order has been despatched by us (as confirmed in the despatch confirmation e-mail) but has not arrived within the estimated delivery time range, please contact our customer services team on the contact details above. Customer Services act on our behalf, and will deal with all queries about the international delivery services. Depending on stock availability, we may split delivery of your order into several parts and deliver them separately. You will not be charged extra for this. Occasionally, delivery of your order may be delayed or prevented for reasons beyond our control, such as material shortages, import delays or higher than anticipated demand. When delivering outside of the Republic of Korea, delivery may also be delayed due to customs-related processes (such as inspection). We will use reasonable endeavours to inform you promptly of any such delay.

Return/Exchange Policy

You may submit your request within seven days upon receipt of your package. Note, however, that you may not submit your request for return/exchange if: the package or part of it is lost or damaged due to lack of care or some other fault for which the customer is responsible. (except for damage to the package that allows the product inside to be seen ) The value of the product is severely reduced due to use or consumption by the customer. The value of the product has been so severely reduced and too much time has elapsed that it cannot be re-sold. the package is damaged for a product that can be easily copied or forged. A custom-made product individually produced upon the request of a customer starts to be manufactured.

Delivery Standards within Korea

Shipping information

⊙ Same-day shipping: 1:00 PM cutoff (based on payment completion before 1:00 PM / excluding Saturdays and public holidays) ⊙ Delivery time: One to two days after shipping product (subject to delay based on shipping company circumstances) ⊙ Shipping company: Hanjin Express ⊙ Shipping fees: KRW 3,000 standard shipping fee/free shipping with purchases of KRW 50,000 or more - Additional KRW 2,000 for Jeju Island / Additional island-based charges may apply.

Exchanges and returns

⊙ Exchanges and returns accepted within seven days of actually receiving product ⊙ Exchanges and returns accepted within three months of receiving product if product is different or not as advertised ⊙ Exchanges and returns not accepted if - Product is lost or damaged due to customer’s fault - Value of product has markedly decreased due to customer use - Value of product has decreased due to passage of time so as to render resale problematic - Order cancellation by consumers is restricted under the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce and other cases

Method of exchange and return

⊙ Via customer service center: Register product collection at 1544-4060 (ext. 3) ⊙ Go to1:1 Q&A or select ‘Cancel/Return/Exchange’ in PRODUCT Q&A of purchased product and complete requested items

Shipping fees for returns

⊙ Returns due to company error: No shipping fees ⊙ If the customer changes their mind: Register at 1544-4060 (ext. 3) and deposit KRW 6,000 (return) into shipping fee account to process refund ⊙ Shipping fee account: Woori Bank CyberSky Co., Ltd. Jung-cheol Kim 1005-801-232528


⊙ The company is liable for return charges in the event of company error (customer is liable if customer changes mind). ⊙ Customer is liable for return charges if exchanging for another product. ⊙ In the event of additional shipping fees incurred for islands and other cases, round-trip charges will apply. ⊙ Other matters are governed by ‘the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce’.

Warranty information

⊙ Customer service center 1544-4060

Quality assurance standard

⊙ This product can be exchanged or refunded under the Fair Trade Commission’s Consumer Dispute Resolution Standard.

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